Céramique 1900 - Art Deco - Art Nouveau - Art Modern. Ceramic, crockery, terracotta, sandstone, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware.
Ceramique 1900

Frédéric KIEFER (1894-1977) - France

In 1936 Frédéric KIEFFER is nominated "best craftsman in France". He joins the Manufacture of Sèvres as a designer and leaves it in 1947. A potters' son and grandson, he perfectly masters the techniques of ceramics, which owes him the consideration and interest of ceramists such as DALPAYRAT, SOUDBININE, DECOEUR with whom he collaborates in 1939, or GENSOLI who decorates the shapes he makes. He could have remained the perfect executor had he not achieved his own works, very personal, utterly recognizable and obviously of very high quality. Despite his Alsatian origins, his work is very much influenced by the Far East aesthetic traditions. His shapes are often characterized by a base, the top of the vases is elaborate and chiselled and the glazing particularly refined. One can notice different categories : the "speckled", the "mottled" and the "marbled"; there are also the "sang-de-boeuf" and the "celadon". A single firing at a high temperature vitrifies both clay and glaze and the secret of his recipes remains a great mystery.