Céramique 1900 - Art Deco - Art Nouveau - Art Modern. Ceramic, crockery, terracotta, sandstone, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware.
Ceramique 1900

Edmond LACHENAL (1855-1930) - France

He was taught by Theodore DECK and became in turn the teacher of some of the most outstanding ceramists in the art deco period, as Henri SIMMEN (1880-1963) or Emile DECOEUR (1876-1953). He opened a studio in Malakoff in 1880, then moved to Châtillon-sous-Bagneux in 1887. He was one of the masters of art nouveau and he collaborated with many sculptors (Rodin, Agnes de Frumerie, Dejean, St Marceaux, Jozan, etc.). His perfect technical command enabled him to deal with the whole range of ceramics; his decorations and subject-matters, always tackled with a naturalist mind, are innumerable. We owe him particularly a very fine enamel, with a most silky aspect and touch, due to the use of hydrochloric acid.