Céramique 1900 - Art Deco - Art Nouveau - Art Modern. Ceramic, crockery, terracotta, sandstone, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware.
Ceramique 1900

Arthur CRACO (1869-1955) - Belgium

He was one of the most prominent renewers of ceramic art in Belgium,strongly determined to give it a major part among the Decorative Arts. He achieved his first ceramics in 1896 in the studio of Omer COPPENS, following a career as a sculptor and drawer tag part in the new artistic currents of the end of the century. In 1909 he worked in Federic HORTA’s factory after being awarded a "Grand Prix" at the International Exhibition of Milan in 1906. He made his first stonewares around 1914 at Stockheim-Fouches, then at Andenne.He brilliantly associated his talent as a sculptor and as a ceramist, both for utilitarians much like those achieved by FINCH from 1895 and for pieces sculpted in stoneware or in enameled clay.